How to sell your property quickly: how to quickly declutter your home before selling

If you want to do some home improvement for a fast sale home then the best way to start is to get everything cleaned and arranged. And in order for you to be able to clean just properly, it means, sooner or later but rather sooner, you will need to face and deal with all the clutter, unnecessary, never used or long forgotten items which you have hoarded in your home, many years ago. Decluttering is not an easy thing. It means you have the time and the will to make some order and in the same time, you store, arrange or throw away all the things which you don’t need or if you need at a later or undefined time.

In this article we would like to give you some decluttering things, because that ought to be your home improvement start.


You won’t believe how much trash is in your home, until the point you are starting to declutter and get rid of everything unnecessary. If you have the intention to sell your home quickly, we strongly suggest you to start with the decluttering process well 3 months in advance. It may seem like a long time, but in real it isn’t and you will see this.

  • Get enough storage boxes from IKEA or a utility store where you can safely store and put all those items away which you don’t need, or which you are intending to move later on. Categorize and be ruthless decluttering is a long, painful process but on the long haul it will help you a lot. A spacious home is much more likely to be sold, in addition, you won’t need to pack not even half as much, when it’s finally sold.
  • Get a great deal of trash bags of different size but make sure each one is durable and closable.
  • Make three key categories to store, to give away and to throw away. This way you will know what to put where. Of course you can update your opinion from time to time. After the first categorization we highly suggest you to wait one or more days to think through what you really want to throw away and what you don’t.
  • Rent a storage place where you can take all the unnecessary furniture. There are storage companies which will also be happy to help you getting your things to their storage place and guarantee their safety for you.
  • Prepare clothes for relatives, friends and charity: this way, you won’t feel sorry for them and in addition, you free up tons of space. In real it’s clothes which occupy the largest unnecessary space in our homes
Further tips on where to put things you don’t need
  • Check for regional donation centres: which would be glad for slightly used clothes.
  • If you find you have a high number of items to sell, you can either go to one of the large e-marketplaces make a store then sell them (and store them safe in the meantime)
  • If you want to really get rid of most of your unwanted stuff you can still do a garage sale so you can see what out of your used products was worth for others to pay for and what you should just donate or give away to friends or family.