Things to do before selling and old home vs things to do before staging a new home:

Old houses are often much more inviting than new homes for a fast sale home but this also means, when it comes to preparing them for selling there is way more things to be done in them. Let’s see some of the pre-selling preparatons which needs to be done on an old home vs a new home.

Old house fixtures:
  • Go through every single room and make a detailed list of the chores to be done. This will help you along the way. Be very detailed.
  • Get your home checked – if your home’s electric wires, plumbing and other amenities work without fail. Old houses often have old systems which are in bad need to be updated. The best way is to hire a home inspector. As in the end they can also provide you with a written proof (Home Inspection Report) on everything being fixed which you or the real estate agent present to potential buyers as a handy proof
  • Get your home repainted – if you havent had your home painted in the last 2 years it’s best to repaint it. If your rooms have harsh statement colors, it’s better to get them painted to white or light beige color. Something neutral so that’s easy to change for the new buyers.
  • Get your home decluttered: all trash, debris, unused items, old toys should be boxed and taken away from the home. About 30-40% of the items we keep in our homes are either unused or unnecessary this is especially true for old homes where oftentimes multiple generations have lived and their items may still be in the attic.
  • Small fixings: lightbulbs, new handles, new paint around windows etc
  • Remove all items from your rooms which are: too personal, too expensive, look used, look unattactive.
  • Pack all the family photos, religious items and other personal items away ( fridge magnets and stickers included)
  • If your old house has a specific style ( Victorian for instance), leave the furnishings as authentic as possible or have it staged for it to look as authentic as possible. This is a great extra for those looking for an old home like that.
New house fixtures and preparations:
  • A big advantage of a new home is that they are normally all fixed because they are still new, so all the amenities work without fail. This means way less hassle
  • If the seller doesn’t live in there for long, this also means way less decluttering and cleaning and appliances also shouldn’t need to be changed.
  • People know better what to expect from a newly built house therefore there will be less questions and moving out will also be all the easier.

In the end of the day, both styles of homes have their own respective customer base. Some specifically look for older homes while others look for new homes exclusively. If I am you I also check for a real estate agency to sell my house quickly, who is more specialized on selling old houses, so that your home gets a better price and greater chance to be sold as soon as possible.